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new nano flame retardant material

heat insulation, heat preservation, reflection, waterproof

1. excellent thermal insulation performance: thermal insulation in winter and summer, the effect is remarkable.

2. excellent self-cleaning performance: anti-dust, anti-fouling, anti-spider web, anti-pesticide residue accumulation.

3. excellent self-diffusion performance of microwave radiation: it can effectively prevent the temperature loss in the house, promote the temperature microcirculation in the house and keep the temperature relatively balanced and uniform.

4. excellent anti-corrosion performance: acid and alkali resistance. the service life is more than 10 years.

5. light weight; installation of new houses or renovation of old houses is very simple and convenient.

product introduction

product features

a new type of nano heat insulation material for breeding is a new type of nano flame retardant material specially developed for the heat preservation and heat insulation of modern agricultural sheds. it was jointly developed by pengyuan new materials and the nano research institute of the chinese academy of sciences (suzhou) for three years. the crystallization of cooperation. this product is a sandwich multi-layer composite thermal insulation structure. the upper and lower layers are all made of nano-coated high-purity micro-aluminum, and the base layer is a special high-strength, low-thermal conductivity network material. this product has significant heat insulation, heat preservation, reflection and waterproof effects.

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