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aluminum foil scrim kraft paper

thermal insulation foil paper

1. specifications: width 1m, 1.25m, length 100m, 200m per roll (or according to customer requirements)

2. moisture permeability: 0 (astme96-66)

3. light transmittance: 0 (q/320221nc04-90)

4. temperature resistance: -70℃~300℃ (q/320221nc04-90)

5. reflectivity: 90%

6. tensile strength: md100n/cd70n (q/320221nc04-90)

7. purpose: it can be used as the outer protective wrapping material for the insulation layer of heating and cooling equipment, pipelines, etc.

product introduction

product features

reinforced aluminum foil is a composite of aluminum foil and high-strength all-wood pulp kraft paper through reinforced glass fiber. it has excellent water vapor barrier performance, high mechanical strength, beautiful surface, clear network lines, and is used in conjunction with glass wool and other thermal insulation materials. it is widely used for the needs of heat insulation and water vapor barrier of hvac air ducts, cold and warm water pipes, and the needs of building heat insulation. the reinforced aluminum foil is divided into: ordinary reinforced aluminum foil, heat-sealed reinforced aluminum foil, double-sided reinforced aluminum foil, and super strong reinforced aluminum foil.

reinforced aluminum foil use: used as an outer sheathing material for the insulation layer of air-conditioning heating and cooling equipment pipes, sound insulation and heat insulation materials for high-rise buildings and hotels, and moisture-proof, mildew-proof, flame-proof and anti-corrosion materials for export equipment.


features of reinforced aluminum foil:


1. it has the characteristics of fire-proof, flame-retardant and anti-corrosion.


2. beautiful, easy to construct and durable, it is an ideal supporting insulation layer for a new generation of insulation building materials.

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