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aluminum foil epe foam insulation material

heat insulation material

1. product structure: anti-corrosion coating/aluminum foil/heat-resistant adhesive/glass fiber cloth/polyethylene

2. product specifications: width (cm): 100/120/150

length (m): 200-500m

3. product features: high light reflectivity, high tensile strength in vertical and horizontal directions

4. temperature resistance: -30℃ without shelling/4 hours

100°c without shelling/4 hours

product introduction

product features

the aluminum foil foam is made of a combination of soft pure aluminum foil and foam. the surface impedance is very small, and it has excellent shielding performance of metal. its temperature resistance can reach 130°c. it has a lower cost and can meet the demand for product cost pressure. it reduces the conductive resistance of the contact surface and resists corrosion. at the same time, it has the function of moisture and water resistance. it is mainly used in industry, manufacturing, machinery, and precision instrument packaging materials. roof, wall and floor mat materials are also widely used in the insulation bag industry.

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