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precision packaging

metallized film packaging material

durable / long lasting

1. product structure: aluminized film

2. color: can be customized

3. door width: 1-1.5m

4. length of each roll: customized according to customer requirements

5. thickness: 8mic, 10mic.12mic

6. function and characteristics: reflectivity up to 97%, insulation, waterproof, dustproof

7. application: it can be used alone or recombined with epe and other materials

product introduction

product features

(1) the amount of aluminum used is reduced, energy and materials are saved, and costs are reduced. the thickness of the composite aluminum foil is mostly 7-9pm, while the thickness of the aluminum layer of the aluminized film is about 0.05n, and the aluminum consumption is about aluminum foil. 1/140~1/180 of

(2) it has excellent folding resistance and good toughness, with few pinholes and cracks, no warping and cracking, so the barrier to gas, water vapor, odor, light, etc. is improved.

(3) it has excellent metallic luster, and the light reflectivity can reach 97%; and it can form a color film through paint treatment. (4) it can be partially aluminized by shielding to obtain any pattern or transparent window, which can be seen contents.

(5) the aluminum-plated layer has good electrical conductivity and can eliminate electrostatic effects; its sealing performance is good, especially when packaging powdered products, it will not pollute the sealing part, ensuring the sealing performance of the package.

(6) good adaptability to post-processing such as printing and compounding.

aluminized film has become a new type of composite film with excellent performance, economy and beauty, and has replaced aluminum foil composite materials in many aspects. it is mainly used for the vacuum packaging of flavored food and agricultural products, as well as the packaging of medicines, cosmetics, and cigarettes. in addition, aluminized films are also widely used as bronzing materials and trademark label materials in printing.

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