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good strength, good acid resistance, corrosion resistance

1. product weight: mainly 12.5g/m2, 14g/m2.

2. product specifications: the width of the reel is 50~150mm according to customer requirements.

3. product application: mainly used in the adhesion of lead paste on the pull-net (extended) plate production line of lead storage batteries.

4. product function: the product has high strength, good adsorption and low impurity content.

product introduction

product features

the main purpose of the coated paper is to attach the two sides of the plate when coating the plate to prevent high lead adhesion on the equipment and prevent the plate from sticking together when stacked. with the protection of the coated paper, the dust can be greatly reduced during the transportation and assembly of the plate, which is beneficial to environmental protection, and the coated paper has good strength, good acid resistance and corrosion resistance, and does not affect any performance of the battery.

the coated paper produced by our company has the advantages of good water absorption, strong acid resistance, high mechanical strength, and good chemical stability. during use, it will not decompose and exhaust gas, maintain a continuous and stable pressure between the battery plates, and meet the requirements of high battery discharge rate and long cycle life.

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